Sunday, 20 February 2011

Day one - the arrival

Left bang on time - easy flight nice and smooth. Best food ever had on a plane. Hop skip and jump over to kili airport from Nairobi - had a kamakazi pilot who insisted on doing tail sins and god knows what else. Stunning views of kili when flying past - as high as the plane - hope the photos come out ok. Now here at the loaisis hotel (well when I say hotel......) rustic and will do the job but only just. Anyway off to our climb briefing now - kicking off tommoow at 7:30 so over and out for now - hoppies and matches blog


  1. Not my kind of hotel then darl xxxx

  2. Right- lets start as we mean to go on - there is no room for shoddy spillings on you logs, and don tri and blame predickive tex!! There is smiply no room wiht modern terchology for this pour attention to spillings and grandma.

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