Monday, 28 February 2011

Day 7 on kili

Following our summit decline we ended up at a place called norombo - a further 10k from the base at kibo know wonder come end of our summit day we were absolutely knackered.
A lovely touch at the end of summit day was our cook baking a congratulatory cake and all the porters delivering it and singing and acting out a short story about our climb
Woke up refreshed after a 10 hour sleep - typical the day after I really needed it
Today's trek took us all the way to marangu gate a beautiful walk through tundra and forest. Saw colobus and blue monkey and many nests of safari ant.
Arrived at the gate at 3pm for our fairwells to the crew and the handing over of the obligatory tips- a sad moment!!!
back along the road to arusha we stopped for our congratulatory meal - quite a quiet affair - lots of reflecting going on
On that note this blog ends - too many thoughts to pen but hope you all enjoyed keeping up with Hoppys and Mitchys kili adventure


  1. I imagine that was the most painful moment of the whole trip.....and no amount of pain killers can help you with that pain!!!

  2. I think it's cool that you made it both to the top!

    I want to do the same but I plan to collect money with it for charity (child & cancer). Since you guys just did the trip it will be all fresh in the memorie, could I contact you for some info? info like how you found a guide up and where you booked and stuff... I myself am from Belgium... thx alot!


  3. Norombo or Horombo. First time i've ever heard of cake on the mountain but it sounds well desereved! congrats!

    Roheel Shah

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