Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day 3 on kili

Left kikilewa cave at 7 for a pretty dramatic mornings climb up to mawenzi tarn hut our base for that day an elevation of over 600 meters. A very tough climb - weighed day sack 23 kgs. Felt like 50kg. Spot of lunch and some relaxation time in preparation for our acclimatisation climb later in afternoon. After Lunch felt a little queezy and drowsy. Luckily seemed more about the food than anything more sinister so after a quick visit to the dunney all seemed much better.
Our acclimatisation climb took us another 600 m very steep very quick. Sat for half an hour to breathe the thinning air before descending.
Good food this evening - very cold in camp perhaps minis 5
Hoppy and mitchy

1 comment:

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