Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Day 2

ay 2
Kick off day for our climb - picked up 8.00am by food and crew (all 20 of them) foe our party of five - hello to owen, steph and Chris
Started climb after lunch - in woodland before breaking out into shrubland. Climbed until 6 before reaching camp to be met by stunning views of mawenzi and kili.
Lots of climbers in first camp before each group heads off their own way. Chef cooked up steak tonight - great food all that's missing is beer- sure we'll survive without it for a few days.


  1. Hi darl. I'll have a beer for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love you xxx

  2. If my Maths is right thats 4 crew per person it sounds really tough!!!
    1x Cook, 1x Porter, 1xButler, 1xFluffer!!

    Hey don't forget to take some pictures too!! LOL

    I bet you forgot to take your camera.

    Seriously looking forward to at least 1000 photos!!!

  3. Hi love what easy life you two got ! We struggling at home with no butler no porter no maid no shit shovler! lv ya good luck xx Bonnie xxxx

  4. Feeling a little cheated now, have been looking at site every few hours, and we are at least 24 if not 48 hrs behind on the blog.

    Need goorrry details about blisters, snakes, lions, tiggers, pooh bears....

    Could you not get one of the "helpers" (fluffer) to update your blog for you.

    Perhaps you should have taken an extra couple of helpers, to help you with your blog updates!!

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