Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day 2 on kili

20 k walk today. Up at 6 to be met with stunning clear views of Kiki and mawenzi looking down on us.
8 o'clock kick of to climb to second cave for lunchtime.
Getting on really well with group - good people enjoying the adventure as we both are. Stephe not feeling to good today - quite poorly. Few bits of wildlife about but not much. Saw a chameleon and various birds - mostly too cold for things to survive any sense - except the odd stupid humans. For motivation during the day I kept thinking about the porters who walked where we walked in twice the speed carrying twice as much. Got into camp around 5 for some r & r and great food - how do they do it. We are being so well looked after - hoppy and mitchy.

1 comment:

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