Saturday, 26 February 2011

Day 6 on kili

This is it - 6 hours from midnight to scale gilmans point from base camp. Can honestly say was the most sole destroying miserable 6 hours of our lives. Got really cold around 4pm needed help with haversack and gloves from Isha (one of the guides) got to say the guides were fantastic. At 6am we scaled gilmons point - but confess that for nick and I slightly worse for ware. Nicks legs kept collapsing beneath him and I kept falling over. More help from guides needed. Hot drink (yes they carried up Ginger tea) they had to sort out what I was wearing (embarrassing) - seems my brain had also stopped working. Anyway one down jacket later we set of for uhuro peak a 3 hour round trip - the most stunning scenery but all a bit of a blur due to us not being fully functioning. Got to uhuro peak around 8 - and yes we unravelled our banner and kissed the sign ((but really on autopilot) - seemed that most people were
We made our way back at a fairly brisk pace with our lead guide concluding that nick needed to leave the top slightly quicker than the rest of us - the great news is that the whole group made it to the top and back down in one piece.
Was it one of the most challenging and stimulating days of our lives - yes
Will we do it again - not in a million years
Mitchy and Hoppy


  1. FANTASTIC.....You made it....welldone.

    Hope you are both feeling better now you are back down at a lower altitude.

    Going down will be a breeze!!!

    Loads of love and best wishes

  2. Oh, alright Nick, ow's it goin, Alright? Alright Andrew, ow's it goin, Alright?

    Glad you make it back safely, Everest next??

    If man was meant to climb mountains he would have given us legs!!!

    Looking forward to hearing all about it ( probably for the next five years!)

    Take care, time for a little R&R I hope before next bit / coming back home.

  3. How fab for you both. So happy you both made it. Must be an amazing experience. Love to you both.

    Now for the safari. WOW !!!!!!!
    Wish i was with you.
    Hope you see lots of lions, elephants, etc.


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